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4×4 Armour – the idea

Imagine yourself, driving on the perfect trip, navigating every bump, curve, and loose stone. Successfully avoiding a coolant leak, busted radiator or even a scent of engine trouble. You think “this is it, the trip where nothing goes wrong”.

But you were wrong, because you’ve just come home to wash the mud and dirt off your 4×4 and boom! It looks like its gone 10 rounds in a ring with Freddy Kruger with more scratches and scrapes than a chopping board.

Heavens become Hell, the sky is falling, and you want to just pack up your things and move to Bali thinking about the respray bill. Or you have to commit the cardinal sin of having to drive a poorly kept 4×4. Honestly, this has happened far too often and caused far too many manly tears for someone not to do something about it.

Thus we made 4×4 armour, the ultimate way to prevent your rig from turning into a punching bag for twigs, rocks, weeds and my personal nemesis, Lantana.

Check out some of videos on our “R&D” trip to learn more

Why This Product?

The truth is we have searched and found other alternatives out there, but the reality was, they were out of our price range, didn’t give us the coverage we wanted or were too bulky and hard to manage. So it became our mission to look for an alternative that everyone could afford, and we believe we have found just this. In making 4×4 Armour we have created something, not only durable, sturdy and protective, but also affordable. That may in fact, save you thousands in a re-spray or lower vehicle value when time to sell.

How Is It Made?

After a lot of research and product development, whilst using only the best materials, what we deemed the best solution, is that it be made from tough, durable and well wearing magnetic sheeting. Then CNC cut to fit perfectly on your Rig! This means there will be no more worrying if the track is a little over grown or looks a bit narrow, you can plough on through and let us protect your car. It won’t matter if your 4×4 Armour gets a little scratched up, that’s what it’s there for.


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