Frequently Asked Questions

What is 4x4 Armour?

4×4 Armour is made from strong, flexible, magnetic sheeting which is precision cut to fit each panel on both sides of your vehicle. This product demonstration and installation video HERE should give you a good idea of how the 4×4 Armour looks and fits on a vehicle. Please contact us if you have any questions at all!

Can I see how it works / is installed?

Certainly can, click the below links to be taken to our Youtube channels to watch the videos. This will open a New Tab so you won’t lose your place here!

4×4 Armour Installation Guide FULL
Finding the right spot instructional
Fitting the panels instructional
Fixing Bubbles instructional
Large and long pieces instructional

What if I don't see my vehicle on the Drop Down list?

We are always adding new vehicles to our list! If you don’t see your vehicle, shoot us an email with the Make, Model, Colour and Year and we will see what we can do for you. A photo can help too! info@4x4armour.com.au

Can I drive on the highway with my 4X4 ARMOUR?

The short answer is no. However, the magnetic bond is strong and secure, it is not recommended that you travel at highway speeds though. We have tested the coverage on highways and haven’t had any issues what so ever but different vehicles have different angles, especially on the front, where high speeds may cause the 4×4 Armour to lift and flap if hit with winds of that speed.
On a recent trip, we decided to test out the Armour again on our vehicles. Whilst most of the 5 hour drive there were no problems, we did lose a front quarter panel as a truck, coming in the opposite direction, created a massive wind blast which took the panel off. For this reason, we don’t recommend highway speeds with the panels on. If a customer, for convenience purposes, decides to put the panels on and take it on the highway, we would recommend you apply electrical tape (or similar) down every vertical edge to aid the panels in staying on. This will stop any air getting under the panel and potentially lifting the panel.

Please remember though, our 4×4 Armour is designed for use in the bush only at relatively low speeds.

Can I leave my 4x4 Armour on all the time?

DEFINITELY NOT. It is not for everyday use. If left on over longer periods of time, it could have a detrimental affect on the paintwork of your vehicle. It is intended to be used for short periods off road to protect your paint work from scratches and scrapes. We definitely do not recommend that you do not leave your Armour on after your adventure off-road. Take it off and store it, ready for next trip!

Can I cover other parts of my vehicle that doesn't come with the included side coverage?

Yes, as long as the part you require coverage for is metal and can hold the magnetic sheeting on. Please contact us for anything specific you were thinking of covering and we will see how we can help!

Is 4x4 ARMOUR reusable?

Of course! Many times over! It should last for years and cover you for many a trip. If looked after, and stored well, your 4×4 Armour will be with you on your getaways for many years to come 🙂

How do I put my 4x4 ARMOUR on my vehicle?

It’s easy! Start at the top of each piece and work your way down. The first time you out your Armour on, depending on your vehicle, can a bit of getting used to. The magnet wants to attract to your vehicle wherever it touches so working out the best way to install may take a little time at the start.

Prior to each panel being installed on on the vehicle, you must make sure that the panels of your vehicle to which the Product will be applied are free of dust, dirt and moisture and any other substance that may scratch or mark the paint finish of the vehicle.

Prior to each panel being installed on on the vehicle, you must ensure that the magnetic side of the Product is free of dust, dirt and moisture and any other substance that may scratch or mark the paint finish of the vehicle.

We have created an installation video HERE which should answer a lot of questions on the product and how to install it.

I have Brush Bars on my vehicle already, can I still put 4x4 Armour on it with the brush bars on my vehicle?

Yes. Brush Bars are good but they don’t stop branches or overgrown shrubs and trees from scratching the side of your car. That’s where 4×4 Armour comes in! It can slide in between the front quarter panel and your brush bar (as long as your Brush Bar isn’t hard up against your panel) making sure you are covered under it.

How do I take off my 4x4 Armour?

Simple! Just peel it off from any corner of each piece of the Armour. You will soon find out just how easy it is to do! The video above shows it getting put on and taken off.

How do I store my 4x4 Armour?

Your 4×4 Armour comes with a core of tubing whch you can keep and reuse. It is recommended that, after thorough cleaning, you re-roll it back on to the core, ready for next time. We have a video HERE showing how to re-roll and store your Armour.

How do I clean my 4x4 Armour?

Just hose or wipe them down. We find it is easier to do whilst still on your vehicle once you get home from your trip but you can lay them out flat on a driveway or grass and hose away! Simply wipe them down after hosing and they are ready for the next trip!

How do I prepare my vehicle before I put my 4x4 Armour on?

We always recommend a clean surface before putting on you 4×4 Armour. Not necessarily a full car wash but the cleaner the better. This way you know you will get the best bond to the vehicle. Also, if there is dirt, dust, mud or debris in between your vehicle and your 4×4 Armour’s magnetic side, it may cause the bond to not be as strong as it can be. It can also cause the 4×4 Armour to shift or move which could then scratch the surface of your vehicle. It’s pretty simple, wipe down the car before putting 4×4 Armour on.

Will my 4x4 Armour move on the vehicle?

The simple answer to that is no! Because every square millimetre of the 4×4 Armour is covered in magnetic material to create a strong bond, the size of the surface area huge! Unlike having single magnets holding something in place, the whole thing is a magnet so bond is surprisingly strong!

Can I modify my 4x4 Armour to allow for things like Snorkels or Aerials?

Absolutely! If you have a snorkel or a mod that is after market and it gets in the way of your 4×4 Armour fitment, you can trim it with a sharp Stanley knife or similar. We are preparing a video for you for a mod that was done to the 4×4 Armour to fit around a snorkel on the front quarter panel. It will be posted as soon as we can.

Can I create my own design?

To keep the cost down for you, we currently offer plain coloured panels. Cost of printing designs etc can be very high and time consuming. It can add weeks to the turn around time so we are currently using the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method! This allows us to produce, pack, ship and send your 4×4 Armour out within a matter of days, not weeks!
In saying that, we offer a range that suits pretty much all vehicles…
Gloss White
Matt White
Matt Black
Matt Light Grey

Does 4x4 Armour come with a Warranty?

Yes. We believe in our product and we are sure you will too after your first trip! But, sometimes things go wrong in manufacturing, shipping etc. That’s why we offer a 12 month replacement warranty for any manufacturing faults or defects. Simple contact us, tell us what the particular problem is and we will work with you to solve the problem. We like to learn from our mistakes to ensure it doesn’t happen again so we might ask for some photos etc to solve the problem. Ultimately, if the panel is faulty, we will replace it, no questions asked!

How long will it take to get my 4x4 Armour after ordering?

Usually within a couple of weeks! We ship Australia wide!

How much is shipping?

FREE for standard 2 -3 day courier! It may cost a little extra if you want your 4×4 Armour urgently  (let’s face it, who doesn’t!) Please contact us for cost of Express Delivery if you can’t wait! Either way,  Standard or Express, we will deliver your 4×4 Armour, to your door!

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